We just broke up and hes already dating


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Everything finally came together and we were both happy.

He made me believe he was serious with me. Until, after a few months we both got into a lot of stress at work and from there on everything went downhill: He also seemed stressed, maybe bored and everything started to be only about him. When I confronted him, he always had an excuse and told me he feels empty and depressed. So I became very supportive towards him. My own health was less important even to me at that time.

How to Cope When Your Ex Has a New Girlfriend

However, when nothing changed and his one sided behavior got worse and I did not feel valued anymore, I would tell him. He always denied it and became very cold towards me and started to be very uncompromising in fights. My condition seemed to worsen one more time but instead of being there for me he fought with me and broke it off after a fight. He basically ghosted me, ignored my texts and attempts to contact him for 2 months. Then he came back, convincing me that he cannot forget me, that he was overwhelmed with his life and me before and that I am sb special for him.

Only to leave me again. He went on tinder the week after. When he broke it off the second time after a couple of dates, where we discussed how we could have a better relationship this time around he told me he still feels empty and thinks he is not ready for a relationship right now and would only hurt me.

I found out that now two months later he has a girlfriend. The worst part is that I have to see him at work even though he ignores me. We have meetings together.

How to Cope When Your Ex Has a New Girlfriend - SheBlossoms

I am still devastated and so hurt and he walks around as happy as when I met him. I also cannot concentrate at work. I hope I can forget him and be happy again. It hurts so much to think about his new girlfriend.

Rebound Relationship Sign #2: How Long Has His New Relationship Lasted?

Thank you for your post and thanks for this website for giving me hope. I found everyone telling me to be kind to myself and I found it hard to understand, but when I was having bad days i used to check myself in the mirror and remember all the wonderful things that I bring to the world and how lucky someone will be when they get to share my life with me, and me with them. Try and not dwell on their new girlfriend but focus on you. Heartbreak is insidious journey but you can fight it and get through it. We cannot control anything in this world only our own reactions to what happens.

We broke up less than a month ago, how can he be over me so quickly? Happened to me and after a while you are able to look at it all objectively and realise you made the right decision. The pain you feel is disguised as knowledge and that knowledge will help you realise you deserve a better love. I was in a 10 year relationship. My ex left me 6 weeks ago. I understand that it takes two in a relationship. He lost his job over 4 years ago. He is in a field that jobs are rare. His firends, family and I tried telling him to go back to school and do something he likes.

No he persisted in that field and today still no job. I also denied to myself that him not having a job bothered me.

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I never told him I decided to support him and encourage him instead. All this shocked me and I woke up. I did everything I could to realigned myself gym, training, being positive and for the past 6 months he was always trying to find a fault in me.

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I felt that I was waliking on egg shells all the time. Oddly enough end of March he slept with me and the next day gave me a compliment, made eye contact of appreciation and then drop the bomb on me saying we need to talk. My heart was right in my throat and realized what was happening. He was mean to me. Gave me a hard time for me to get all my furniture, belongings etc out of the house.

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After I moved out of the house, I found out from our Gym that he was flirting with a girl at the gym when he left me he told her that he was single. He met me at the gym and he used the same pattern to have this girl. Whe I moved out of the house the next day or so her car was already parked in our driveway.

This is the hardest thing that happened to me and very hard to swallow. He will be 50 this year and he maybe has a 50 crisis but he tossed me after 10 years and moved on to another right away. Reading this article helped me and I struggle everyday to get by and with time, I will heal.

I work out at the gym every day and I am back to my top fitness as I have always been. I need to work on my heart now. I feel for all of you with a broken heart. We need to be strong. We were togheter on and off for three years and a half. He broke up with me. And 5 month later I found out he is on holiday across the world with his new girlfriend.

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Which means they had booked the tickets a while ago. Which meant they either started seeying each other before he ended it or right afterwards. How can he have move on so quickly? Maybe a month after we broke up? And be so serious. I feel you so very much. This has been so helpful. Without going into a big story, i will try to keep it fairly short. I met a guy who lives in my apt. I had been celibate for over twenty years. It was of my choice. He pursued me relentlessly.

I Found My Ex On A Dating Site Soon After Our Breakup

I started getting red flags and my intuition was telling me to get away. I had wanted to get out within 2 weeks of the onset. He kept pulling me back in so we ended up having a very intense relationship. That kept me in even more. After a couple months he had started to change.