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  1. Sydney Muslims feel at home despite very high racism exposure, survey finds
  2. Set Match: My Five Minutes of Muslim Speed Dating
  3. How does a young Muslim living in the West find a partner these days? | Mvslim

She is aware that a minority of people interpret Islamic law in a way that discriminates against women and regards them as subordinate. She told the diners earlier in the night such views should always be challenged and were not welcome in her restaurant.

Sydney Muslims feel at home despite very high racism exposure, survey finds

We start from a different premise. I want to give these women in our communities a platform. Still, she knows that she might struggle to change the hearts and minds of fringe groups who protest against the building of mosques, or of people who abuse and assault Muslim people in the streets.

Those who attend Muslim speed-dating are largely those who already have open minds. They come because they want to celebrate multiculturalism and learn more about the diversity in their neighbourhood. Nearly every Muslim woman here has a story of being verbally or physically abused on the street. One, Sareh Salarzadeh, a school principal, says she had a beer can thrown at her car window while driving.

Set Match: My Five Minutes of Muslim Speed Dating

Another time, a motorist tried to ram her off the road. Compared to experiences like those, facing questions from genuinely curious and receptive diners is easy. Victoria Melbourne Religion features. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Photo via cc Flickr user superkuh. Trending Most Read Related. You've been threading needles wrong your whole life.

A 'barefoot runner' complained about acorns in the neighborhood. It did not go over well. Here's what happened to the beauty blogger 20, people tried to shut down. After distressing footage of a dog named Snoop being abandoned went viral, Snoop Dogg offered to adopt the pooch. This teacher had to tell her deaf students that people can hear farts. Their reaction was hilarious. Share on Facebook Click me! Share on Twitter Click me! To the people who don't give up on me because of my anxiety and depression.

Halal speed dating in Malaysia

A woman got asked out by the guy who bullied her as a kid, so she stood him up with this awesome note. She waited ten years to enact the perfect revenge. This NFL player was stuck in the snow trying to get to a playoff game when a homeless man came to his aid. New study shows Americans pay the most for health care while getting the least care for it. Lots of people are making big money off your sick body.

How does a young Muslim living in the West find a partner these days? | Mvslim

The dog was named Snoop, too! The BirdBoxChallenge is so dangerous, Netflix is begging people to stop it immediately. A 2-year-old saw people whispering about her birthmark and responded in the most adult way possible. Clearly, Lydia is one toddler who gets things done. Features Infographics Projects Issues Menu. Like us on Facebook. Twitter Is also an option, if you're into that.

The Long Game The Long Game is a collaboration with Hennessy exploring the impact, benefits, and risks of long-term thinking. What would it look like if our leaders in business, science, politics, and society were willing to risk short-term gratification for long-term social progress?

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The Local Globalists Meet 17 innovators who are changing our future for the better. We just wanted to let you know A similar situation exists in the workplace. Muslim speed dating and marriage events are common places to try and meet a partner, but many people still struggle. At most events, the number of women vastly outnumber the men, and tend to be slightly older which limits options, particularly when Islam states that Muslim women need to marry men of their own faith, while men can marry into other religions.

Muslim men are also more likely to return to their country of origin to find a wife, while the increasing number of educated, professional women will find a more limited pool of men matching them intellectually and economically.

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This has led to the rise of a growing Muslim spinster crisis. Some Muslim dating sites have seen huge increases in members over the last couple of years.

Not only does it provide young Muslim men and women with the chance to interact with people outside of their immediate social circle. It also makes it possible to search for potential partners with similar religious and cultural values. That common ground helps to overcome the potentially awkward introduction phase and get to know someone.