Is it bad to hook up with your best friends ex


  1. What to do when you hook up with your best friend
  2. Is it Okay to Have Sex with My Best Friend’s Ex Hook-Up? Dear Betch…

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Which leads me to my next point. The very friend who gave you permission to go after their ex may resent you forever if you actually go through with it.

Is he out of his mind? Here are his rules, and I quote:.

What to do when you hook up with your best friend

Rule 2 In the event that she throws the pussy at you, you are obligated to fuck this bitch. Rules of Engagement is a must watch. The lie is that you are a free agent when single and whomever you choose to lay your eyes on can be yours. The truth is that the decision to choose a romantic conquest over a friendship is something that will impact all parties involved.

Even if your best friend were to give you the pass, assuming there is a discussion there will be an uncomfortable level of tension in the air for a minute. So the real question is- Are you prepared to sacrifice one relationship for another? Exes are that for a reason and if anyone has caused any discomfort or pain to a friend of mine, they are pretty much dismissed.

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We both agreed it was a huge mistake, and we both feel horrible. Two days later, my girlfriend told me that the two of them are still talking and that she still has feelings for him.

That made me feel even worse because I hooked up with a guy she's really into. I plan on telling her — I just don't know how. I always told myself I wasn't the kind of friend who does this, but I did.

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I don't want this to define what kind of person I am. How do I tell her?

Is it Okay to Have Sex with My Best Friend’s Ex Hook-Up? Dear Betch…

And what role can I play in their lives and relationship now? There's no easy way to tell her — and a lot of people wouldn't. It will be terrible and awkward, but there's no easy way to disclose an upsetting truth.