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  • 13 Funny First Date Stories That’ll Make You Crack Up.
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She ends up pushing this red button that was in all the bed rooms at this particular campus. For those who have never seen this, it is a small red button that sends the police a distress signal.

12 Funny & Horrifying Online Dating Experiences | Her Campus

Anyways, later I have the police at our apartment as I explain to them that she thought it was funny to be press the button and I want her to leave. Meanwhile, she goes on saying it was an accident. Luckily, she finally leaves after all that. So he met this girl on Tinder, they chatted an after a month she invited him to her town, around km away. He agreed because he had a fucking date! So he drove to the town and a nice evening, eventually they got dinner.

He had to pay the whole bill with his leftover money.

Go to his place and he was super handsy and sucked at kissing. I decided I was over it and told him I had to leave. I mean I love your body! I got out of there so fast that I left my favorite cardigan. I have no desire to get it back. She lived in a college town about an hour away and he invited her out drinking in our city.

He, I, and a dozen of our male friends were pregaming hard before a fraternity mixer. Then she got riggity riggity rekd on shots and beers. Why the owner of the condo decided comes with me is a question lost to history, but he leaves her in the bathroom. When he got back he said she had curled up on his bed and puked on the night stand.

So he sleeps on the couch. He says it got worse from there. It ended up with the cops taking her away. We end up having sex a few times, she comes over my place again, I wanting to have sex again make a move and she slips shit and leaves. I feel awful wonder holy fuck was I that much of an asshole? Look at her FB page because I was thinking about her we finally added each other earlier that day and see that Mr.

13 Funny First Date Stories That’ll Make You Crack Up

Neighbor and her had been in a relationship for 2 years and either still were or had just broken up and are most likely living together. I sent a few texts but she unfreinded me on FB so I got the message and deleted her number and our kik conversation. She agreed to go out with a guy. They made plans that included her being picked up by him.

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She gets in the car and notices that he has one of those breath start contraptions that you get with a DUI. Bummer, but not a deal breaker.

81 Hilarious First-Date Disasters That Will Make You Laugh

They get to the restaurant and it is a terrible Mexican spot. She is a not a picky eater, so she said she would give it a whirl. The food was okay, but not great. They are talking and getting to know each other, and she notices that he orders a couple of margaritas. She pays for the dinner and just wants to go home. She is way nicer than I would have been and decided to drive his car to his house, then Uber home from there.

She had to keep blowing in the device and was just really pissed about the whole thing.


This time he suggested Dave and Busters. It was like a Wednesday night; the place was totally empty.

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